Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Angry Birds!

 Hi all! I went into an Angry Birds mood and couldn't resist using these fimo pieces!

I used OPI's Fiercely Fiona and Face Shop's RD301 as base colors for this nail art.

To see a swatch of Fiercely Fiona you can click here. I also did another nail art not too long ago with lots of Yellowy Goodness. And of course as a base for an Easter nail art last year.

For a swatch of Face Shop's RD301 click here. And I also did Strawberry nails using this polish. Twice.  Before going to the Harry Potter exhibition I had Harry Potter nails with this polish too.
The picture at the top of the pose was in the sun, and the one here was taken in my room. As you can see the yellow really seems to change with lighting from a bright yellow to a soft pastel yellow. My fimo pieces fell off pretty much within the next few days. I do have nail glue and you can use nail glue for fimo pieces if you like but I find it nearly impossible to remove. Haha.

If you would like to see how to apply fimo pieces, click here.

That's all for today! Till next time, Byee!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Fimo Chickys!

Hi guys today will just be a really short post on what I did eons ago. (trust me I have been doing my nails!)

Anyways I decided to do a quick Fimo nail art using the chick fimo pieces. They are adorable! And as base color I used Faceshops bright blue (BL602). You can click here to see how I used this as a base for rainbow nails, and also as a base for silver shatter. I also used this in a more elaborate nail art for last year's Easter.

That's all for today! I do have loads more...but I'm swamped with work! Ahhhhh :(

Till next time, Byee~

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Yellowy Sunshine Goodness!

Hi all! This nail art occurred purely by accident but I must admit I do like it. Pluses of having long nails is that you can get to do french tips without must difficulty (ie the polish won't get onto your cuticles heh).

So this started off innocently enough with OPI's Fiercely Fiona as base and China Glaze's Sunshine as a slight glitter gradient tip. You can click here for a swatch on Fiercely Fiona. You can also click here to see how I used Fiercely Fiona with other colors to create an Easter themed nail art.

I have never used Sunshine from China Glaze as a swatch before. At least, I've never had it on long enough to take pictures with. Truth is, it was just too sheer to be used on it's own. So I'm only going to use it for layering. You can click here to see a swatch I did with a wonderful glittery orange that I bought together with Sunshine though :) It's awesome because it's got tiger stripes in it.

 I love the Sunshine glitter on this one because they have a slight holo effect which is really subtle. You can see the flash of pink on my index finger above.

 And here you can see more glitter it really depends on how you see it.

 Can you see the green flashes on my middle finger? It does have more effect in real life. Trying to catch these elusive glitters is an exhausting job.

 Eventually though I gave up on being subtle and covered the whole nail with Sunshine. Hurray for glitter!
This is what it looks like while layered over Fiercely Fiona. 

I loved it so much that after a few days I decided to french tip it when the tips wore off. I chose a not-so-loud dusky gold. I forgot which brand...I think it was BK but I have yet to do a swatch on it.

So that's all for today! As usual, if you haven't already do like my facebook page/shop here. Feel free to buy anything from me :P Till next time, Byee~